Membership Fees/Work & Administrative Dues

OCA Membership is “company” based. For each member company, there is no limit to the number of employees who may participate in OCA activities.  Dues assessments address both OCA and the Ohio Construction Information Association (OCIA), the public information and outreach arm of OCA.

FEES and DUES paid by OCA members are based on the category (there are 2) into which the member falls. The OCA membership year begins July 1st and runs through June 30th of the following calendar year.

Category 1: 
ACTIVE MEMBER: This category is for contractors. Any person, partnership or corporation that expends labor hours for the construction of highway, heavy, municipal, utility and site development projects in Ohio is considered an Active Member.  There is an annual fee of $550 assessed at the beginning of the membership year for each active member company.  This annual fee is prorated for new members.  

In addition, monthly dues are calculated and paid on actual craft hours worked.  Members pay dues at the rate of $0.14 per craft hour for OCA and $0.05 per craft hour for OCIA for a total of $0.19 per craft hour. There are minimum ($1,000) and maximum ($25,000) annual dues limits for OCA.  OCIA dues are capped at $25,000 per membership year with no minimum limit being applicable.

First-time ACTIVE members receive reduced dues during the first 12 months of membership which deliver significant savings as you put your OCA membership to the test.

Per the union agreements, non-members who sign union agreements negotiated by OCA for heavy/highway work also pay an additional $0.08 per craft labor hour for administrative dues.

Category 2:  
ASSOCIATE MEMBER: This category is for non-contractor companies. Any person, partnership or corporation who furnishes material, machinery, supplies or services to the contracting industry can join OCA as an Associate Member.  An Associate Member’s annual fee is based upon their volume of business conducted in the heavy/highway sector in Ohio.  Based on business dollar volume, the fees are: 

     $0 - $5 million annual heavy/highway business volume - $550
     Over $5 million - $15 million annual heavy/highway business volume - $750
     Over $15 million annual heavy/highway business volume - $1,000