Time to Vote
September - October 2020

There is a major event coming up for all of us on November 3rd. That is Election Day and I want to impress on you that it is vitally important to exercise your right to vote either that day or during the days leading up to Election Day. As I write this, I have just viewed the first of three presidential debates. Quite frankly, it was tough for me to watch something that was far from debate and merely a yelling match and still be excited about voting on November 3rd. However, I realize that this election is my opportunity to state, confidentially, whether I agree with the direction this country is going in or that a change is needed. I will take advantage of that opportunity and I hope you will do the same. To abandon the process means to lose interest in where and how I live; where and how my family lives; and where and how future generations live. My voice may be one of many but I will not pass up the opportunity to express it.

Every four years on Election Day, it is easy to lump much of our contemplation regarding voting on the presidential portion of the ballot. While the presidential choice is front-and-center more frequently in the news and filling commercial air space, your down ballot selections for federal, state and local candidates reflect your views on many issues that most directly impact your life, both socially and your workplace. These individuals running for office are those that are most readily available to hear our concerns and respond to many of our most pressing needs. Voting is how we affirm their actions or replace them with a better hope for the future.

This year, at the state level, all 99 seats in the Ohio House of Representatives, 16 of 33 Senate seats and two seats on the Ohio Supreme Court will be open for your consideration. There are many local government positions that you will be asked to vote on as well. Your voice in selecting who runs our cities, counties, state and nation is vitally needed to maintain our democracy.

Your vote can be proved in a number of different ways. Voting is available to you by voting in-person early at your county Board of Elections office beginning on October 6th, by absentee ballot, or on Election Day at your designated polling site. You have until October 5th to register yourself to vote. There are a number of on-line sites to get information about registering and voting. I recommend you check out VOTEOHIO.org .

Please, VOTE! Be a part of deciding who will represent your views on the issues that shape our world today and into the future.