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OCA members:

The force account threshold increase has been defeated! As we shared earlier, the Ohio Senate included language in HB 110 (the GRF budget bill) that would increase local government force account limits by 225 percent in some instances. Thanks to all your calls, letters, and emails as well as strong support from our labor partners, leaders in the Ohio House decided to remove the force account increases as final changes were made to the bill. We are grateful to Speaker Cupp and key House members for their support.

The issue of force account limitations is not over though. We committed to working with House members to create a scope of work/work type model for local government that replicates ODOT force account limitations. There was general support in the House for adopting a scope of work model for locals in the state budget, however time constraints made coming to an agreement difficult.

Thank you again for all your efforts. This was not an easy endeavor. We were unsure how things were going to end until the very last minute. We will continue to educate legislators on how expanding the authority of local governments will harm private industry as the debate continues.

We appreciate all your support.