OCA recognizes seven committees, each facilitated by designated OCA staff representatives. Three of these committees (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Committee, Highway-Heavy Specifications Committee, and Safety Committee) are open to all OCA member firms; meeting minutes for open committees are available to OCA members and can be found under the Member Resources tab of this website/OCA Committee Minutes.   
Executive Committee, staffed by Chris Runyan

  • manage the official business and affairs of the association during intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors
  • with recommendations from the President, fix the compensation for officers and employees of the association, implement the directives and policies as established by the Board, make such recommendations as it sees fit to the Board for the advancement of the interests and welfare of the association and its members. (Reference, Constitution, Article VI, Section VIII).
 Nominating Committee, staffed by Chris Runyan

  • annually nominate a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Director
Safety Committee, staffed by Mark Potnick
  • establish guiding safety policies of the Association
  • development materials to assist contractors and promote safety programs
  • establish communication between unions and public officials regarding safety efforts
  • investigate and recommend safety improvements of equipment and devices
  • recommend changes in state and federal laws pertaining to safety
  • coordinate safety programs to motivate the membership to adopt safety as a management responsibility
Finance Committee, staffed by Sharon Stanfield

  • oversight of the finance structure of the Association
  • with the President and the Treasurer, prepare a recommended operating budget for each fiscal year for the approval of the Board of Directors
  • ongoing evaluation of the Association dues/fee structures, making recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • oversight of the Association surplus fund
  • oversight of audit results
Associate Member Executive Committee, staffed by Michelle Holdgreve

  • offer ideas and recommendations about OCA programs
  • foster increased engagement of Associate Members
  • provide input about programs, speakers and events for the annual meeting and convention
Highway-Heavy Specification Committee, staffed by Chris Engle

  • works in cooperation with relevant departments, branches, bureaus and divisions of state government, cities, counties and, (through AGC and ARTBA) federal bureaus and departments to continually review and develop specifications
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Committee, staffed by Chris Engle

  • recommend initiatives that expand the number of DBE contractors and foster administration in a fair and equitable manner for the industry