Construction Appreciation Week will be celebrated September 16-20 to acknowledge and thank the millions of hardworking men and women across the country who contribute to the formation of this nation’s infrastructure, facilities, products and services. The Ohio Contractors Association and the Associated General Contractors of Ohio would like to participate and recognize our members and their employees by using this opportunity to reach out via social media and present a positive story about careers in construction.

To that end, the I Build America-Ohio initiative that we are all a part of has developed a series of postings that we would appreciate your involvement in sharing with those you are connected with on the worldwide web. While we at OCA and AGC-Ohio could initiate these messages and request that you move them to others by “sharing” them, we believe the message is more impactful if you are able to share it directly with your audience.

We ask that you refer to the downloadable PDF to the right, present it to the individual that produces your social media postings and have one posting per day during the week of September 16 sent out. Each day’s posting has a theme and a goal. Please feel free to modify pictures and text to best represent your company, but please try marry your message and picture/video to keep close to the theme of the day. Should you have any questions about your posting, please contact Claire Krawsczyn, Program Director, or Parker Brown, Program Manager, for I Build America-Ohio. Their contact information can be found on the next-to-last page of the attachment.

Each effort to encourage consideration of a construction career can make a difference in shaping the perspective of a member of tomorrow’s constructionworkforce. Thank you for being a part of that effort.