OCA Discounted Business Services

OCA holds a vital position at the very heart of the industry – and OCA membership offers a solid return on investment.

OCA members are able to maximize the return on their membership investment by taking advantage of discounted products and services available to members through OCA's affinity partners and through extended benefits of membership. For qualifying members, that might include access to the OCA 401(k) plan and OCA health care programs; fuel discounts; discounts on cell phones, office supplies, delivery services via FedX and UPS…and more. Many members find that taking advantage of these discounts more than pays for the cost of OCA membership. Featured discounted business services available to members are summarized below.

Your national affiliations.

When you join OCA, you receive complementary membership in some powerful national industry partners who take the voice of our industry to Washington; these memberships also expand OCA member access to an extensive menu of discounted products and services. OCA membership covers annual membership in Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and National Purchasing Partners (NPP) for all OCA members. Contractor Members also receive membership in American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA). Contact Lynda Pomeroy for more information by email: lpomeroy@ohiocontractors.org ,or by phone: 614-488-0724 or 800-229-1388. Or visit our partner sites for complete details:




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