May 13 , 2019
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New OCA Website Goes Live!! 

We are excited to announce the launch of the newly designed OCA website! After two months of focused effort and dedication, we officially transitioned to the new site on May 10, 2019. The site is available and full of valuable resources at

The site includes enhanced navigation, quick access to key information and resources, news and much more. With a modern, device responsive design the site is easy to navigate whether you are browsing it on your desktop or a mobile device on the go. Integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give users quick access to share content with co-workers, industry partners, friends and potential new association members. We will be constantly updating the site with timely information, articles, news and events. 

A big thank you to Sharon Stanfield, Lynda Pomeroy and all of the OCA staff that contributed a lot of hard work to design, content development and build out of the new site. Thank you too, to our members that provided feedback, testimonials and insight on what was needed to provide value to our membership. 

We hope you find the new website easy to navigate, current with updated news, information and resources that make your job easier and adds value to your OCA membership. Make sure and share a link to the new site with your co-workers, friends, industry partners and potential new association members. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail us at

NOTE: If you have problems with the page loading correctly the first time you might want to go into your browser settings and "clear your history" or "cache". Pages from the old site might show up instead of the new if history is not cleared. 

Sign Up To Received I Build America – Ohio’s Monthly Newsletter

In response to OCA’s Strategic Plan, we have worked to expand our activities related to workforce development. Participating with AGC Ohio in the development and implementation of the website is one of these efforts. If you have never visited the site or have not done so in a while, we believe you will see the enhancements to content and graphics have made it beneficial to you as a perspective employer and as a valuable source of construction career information for prospective employees. 

We encourage you to visit the site to sign up for the monthly newsletter. Each edition contains valuable information and ideas related to workforce development activities. The most recent newsletter can be found by clicking here

It’s no secret that construction is changing. We’re facing workforce shortages across the country. OCA, in conjunction with our sister association AGC-Ohio, is proud to sponsor I Build America – Ohio. We are working to change the future of our industry by recruiting the next workforce generation and changing the way people view careers in construction. Please join us in supporting I Build America – Ohio by liking them on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram and signing up to receive their newsletters. Simply click this link and supply your information and get the latest resources and updates delivered to your inbox. 

On-Line Access To Laborers' Apprenticeship Program                                                      

OCA Contractors should be aware that the Laborers Apprenticeship Program is not only accessible to candidates, but also to Contractors who are looking to hire apprentices. Following, is information about the program, recently provided to OCA by Vince Irvin, Laborers’ Apprenticeship Coordinator. Please take some time to review the information. OCA encourages its members who are signatory with the unions to take advantage of the apprenticeship programs for development of their future workforces. 


The purpose of the new Login, Searchable Fields, and Viewable Upload features are to render workforce development efforts more efficient and transparent. These new tools are for the signatory contractors. Please check with the Local Union first prior to your candidate search – as the Local may already have Apprentices available for work. 


1. Click on the Apprenticeship Candidate Portal on the apprenticeship website: 
2. Enter your Signatory Contractor information and click Submit. 
3. You will then have a password sent to your email. This password is necessary to view potential apprentices. 
4. Click View Applicants on the Apprenticeship Candidate Portal page. 
5. Enter your password received via email. You now have access to the database. 

As you will see, many applicants have certain skills they have acquired before applying. However, some do not have any acquired construction skills yet due to age or previous job experience but are eager to learn through registered apprenticeship. You will now be able to view the wide range and diversity of the applicant with these new features:

• Searchable Fields – such as skills, location, or ethnicity of applicants 
• Individual Application View – may be viewed by clicking on the magnifying glass 
• Time-Relevant Applicants (Only applicants within the 90 days will be viewable.) 
• Mobile-Friendly Platform 

All applicants viewed have met the required qualifications:

• 18 years of age 
• High School diploma or GED – Are uploaded and viewable 
• Valid Driver’s License – Uploaded and viewable 

If you find a candidate you are interested in, you must first call the Union Laborers’ Local within that jurisdiction before placing anyone under employment. This call will signal the Business Manager and Apprenticeship Coordinator to provide an Apprenticeship Employment Agreement along with other onboarding material. This agreement will require signatures of the employer (you), the Local, and the Apprenticeship Office to officially put the candidate under your employment as a registered apprentice. 

To access the website, go to From there, click on the Apprentice Candidate Portal. If you have further questions, please contact Vincent Irvin at or 1-740-504-2707.

Mechanics Apprenticeship Program

The Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Fund is expanding to include a Mechanics Apprenticeship Program. This Program requires 35 weeks over 4 years of classroom study and hands on repairs. This Program is open to all contractors signatory to the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18. The initial Program with start this summer. To get more information about qualifications for admittance into the Mechanics Apprenticeship Program you can contact any of the following locations. 

Central Office                           Administrative Manager Don Black 937-974-7171 
Richfield Training Center         Regional Coordinator Manuel Gutierrez 330-659-4115
Cygnet Training Center           Regional Coordinator Mel Yates 419-655-3282 
Logan Training Center             Regional Coordinator Mike Cooper 740-385-2567 
Miamisburg Training Center        Regional Coordinator Maurice Davis 937-859-5211

Workforce Development Outreach: Creating Awareness in our Communities 

As creating workforce awareness continues to become a larger part of our industry’s recruiting efforts, OCA wants our members to know that your work to engage the next generation is making a difference around the state. 

We recently asked the membership to share individual outreach actions they are taking to make young people aware of career opportunities in our industry. After reviewing the many emails submitted, it was clear that collectively we are making a huge reach around the state when it comes to promoting heavy highway careers. 

Here is one of the actions shared, with others to be included in future e-newsletters along with being published in the bi-monthly OC magazine. 

Company: Kokosing Construction Co. 
Event: Jobsite Tour: I-271 Reconstruction Project 
Action taken to create awareness: Kokosing hosted local high school students on the six-mile full-depth I-271 pavement replacement and widening project. The students enjoyed visiting the site and gaining a greater understanding of this complex and challenging project. Kokosing is proud to participate in the education and exposure of students to the construction industry.

High school students received an up-close look at an area project during Kokosing Construction’s Jobsite Tour of its I-271 Reconstruction Project.

We thank all the companies that sent in information about their efforts. To submit and share action your company is taking to create career awareness, contact OCA Director of Chapter Development Melanie Kitchen at

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