Successful contractors view jobsite safety as the most important consideration in daily operations, taking keen interest in both the well being and productivity of their employees. Properly trained and equipped employees are a necessity in the modern construction realm of competition, regulation, inventive scheduling and social pressures.

Serious accidents and injuries wreak havoc on victims' families, friends and co-workers and bring jobsite production and profitability to a grinding halt. In addition, "willful" type incidents are garnering more attention from federal and local prosecutors who have the authority to impose criminal charges against supervisors and owners.
To help you, OCA offers a wide variety of consultative and "hands-on" safety, loss control and workers' compensation services. Following are some of the most utilized:
  • Safety planning and research
  • Safety and loss control program development
  • OSHA representation from inspection through litigation
  • Group workers compensation insurance coverage and discounts
  • Member discount program for substance abuse and medical testing service
  • Legislative input regarding safety laws and regulations
  • Safety training, education and certification programs
  • Approved substance abuses consortium with BWC