Workforce Development Opportunity with laborers’ apprenticeship program


Like it or not, we are at the crossroads of a workforce dilemma in the construction industry.  Where will our future construction workers come from?  How will they get the training, education and experience necessary to face the demands and rigors of the highway, heavy and utility construction industry? 


Fortunately, OCA and the Ohio Laborers’ Union long-ago laid out a road map for preparing future generations of construction workers.  Through our jointly managed Apprenticeship and Training Program, new apprentices get the basic skills necessary to join our industry, while experienced workers can regularly upgrade their skills to meet the ever-changing demands of fast-moving technology and construction methodologies.  


Another way we can help meet our future workforce needs is to partner with outside groups or agencies who may help develop skills that translate to the construction industry.  Along those lines, The Ohio Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program has secured dates to speak to the Army and Air Force Red Horse Squadrons in Port Clinton and Mansfield Ohio. These squadrons’ members work in the civil engineering battalion. This is a great opportunity for us to share why our relationship and opportunities are a great fit for them. Each squadron location has no less than 500 military members during their scheduled drill time. The time of day we can speak with them are between 11:00 a.m.- 1: 30 p.m. on these dates:


December 8 & 9

January 12 & 13

February 9 & 10

March 9 &10

April 13 & 14

May 18 & 19

June 8 & 9

July 13 & 14

August 3 & 4

September 7 & 8


OCA encourages all its contractor members to take advantage of this potential partnership opportunity.  If your schedule allows you to make one of these sessions, please contact Vince Irvin, Laborers’ Statewide Apprenticeship Coordinator at 740.504.2702 or via email at