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 Legislative Alert and Call to Action:

We still need your help to defeat the increased force account limits proposed by the Ohio Senate!

Thank you to everyone that has contacted their legislators already, your input is making a difference. Discussions continue between the Senate and House on this issue and we must continue to share how detrimental the proposed increases will be to the heavy/highway industry.

If you haven’t already please reach out to your legislators and share your opposition to the Senate recommended changes in HB 74 that would:

• Increases the limits for municipalities from $30,000 per project to $150,000 per project.

• Increases the limits for township for road projects from:
          o $45,000 per project to $150,000 per project for maintenance and repair, and
          o $15,000 per mile to $150,000 per mile for construction and reconstruction.

• Increases the limits for county engineers from:
          o $30,000 per mile to $150,000 per mile for construction or reconstruction, and
          o $100,000 to $300,000 for bridge and culvert work of any type.

Time is short and the industry needs YOU to contact your state Senator and Representative NOW to let them know how harmful this is to your company and employees.

Some talking points to consider include:

• Increasing force account limits will expand government at the detriment of private construction businesses and taxpayer dollars.

• Competitive bidding is the most effective means of performing construction projects resulting in best value and lowest price.

• The private sector is more efficient than government in terms of operations, obtaining reasonable material costs, and applying innovative strategies.

• The private-sector construction industry relies on these projects from all levels of government to sustain good paying jobs and entice the work force of tomorrow to adopt construction as a viable career choice.

• Increases such as these promote local governments to move from a maintenance mindset to a construction mindset – a notion that enlarges government payroll and calls for the acquisition of ever larger equipment in greater amounts.

• Local government employees are not trained construction professionals and this is “mission creep” at its worst.

Please contact your state senator and state representative immediately to express your opposition against these changes. If you are unsure who your legislators are you can search for them using your address or zip code under Who Represents Me? at

We along with our industry partners are continuing to push against this and your input will be beneficial. Legislators are hearing from their county engineers and township officials in support of the proposal. They need to hear from you, the private sector companies that will be directly impacted by this change.

If you have any questions, contact Michelle Holdgreve, OCA Director, Legislative and Environmental Affairs at or 614-406-2347.

Thank you again to everyone for their efforts!

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