May 1 Wage Changes for Laborers and Cleveland Teamsters

OCA has received Heavy/Highway wage and benefit changes for the Ohio Laborers and Teamsters Local 436 Cleveland to be effective May 1, 2021 as follows:

Ohio Laborers

Wage:     +$.65

Pension; +$10 (Now, $3.90)

H&W:      +$.50 (Now, $7.50)

Total:       +$1.25

Teamsters Local 436, Cleveland

Wage:      +$.85

Pension: No change ($10.05)

H&W:       +$.25 (Now, $6.95)

Total:          $1.10

We are awaiting final determinations from the Cement Masons and Statewide Teamsters and will announce those changes as soon as we receive them.

OCA is negotiating successor agreements in April with the Carpenters and Operating Engineers. Those new rates will also be announced as soon negotiations are finalized.

As always, we will publish an updated Wage Bulletin for May 1, 2021 with all wage and benefit updates included as soon as all rate determinations and contract negotiations are finalized.

Please watch for updates in OCA’s weekly E-Newsletter and in the “Breaking News” section of our website at

If you have any questions in the interim, please contact Mark Potnick in the OCA office.