2021-2022 OCA Future Leaders Forum

OCA Board Perspective

The Board of Directors at OCA has recognized the need to develop the "rising stars" of tomorrow.  We hope selection to participate in the Leadership OCA Forum will be a badge of distinction for thouse identified as leaders in the heavy/highway industry in Ohio for many years to come.

Perspecitve From Past Participants

"The Future Leaders Forum is an excellent way to learn about all aspects of doing heavy highway work.  The knowledge I gained and the friendships formed with OCA staff and other participants continues to pay dividents to me and my company repeatedly."

Mary G. Fantozzi, President, J.D. Williamson Construction Co., Inc.

"The most beneficial aspect of the Future Leaders Forum to me was the ability to network and build relationships with other future industry leaders that I will be working with over the next few decades."

Mike Guzzo, Project Manager, Double Z Construction

Outline of Sessions

The following is an overview and proposed time frames for the 2019-2020 sessions. Dates for all of the sessions will be finalized and provided to the applicants when they are accepted into the program. Dates and programs are subject to change.

GETTING TO KNOW OCA & BONDING & RISK MANAGEMENT - Learn about the role of OCA as an industry advocate and member service provider. Hear from your team at OCA what resources are available to help your business grow.  Following lunch, an industry expert walks through Bonding & Risk Management principles.

ON-SITE WITH ODOT - Travel to ODOT to get an on-site session with leaders from the department. Gain insight into the operations and resources available from the state.

OSHA & IN-DEPTH WITH AN INDUSTRY CONSULTING FIRM - Explore the importance and impact of safety and health in our industry. Develop a better understanding of the regulatory process. After lunch, we will get in-depth on a key industry topic with an industry consulting firm.

OCA WINTER CONFERENCE/DINNER WITH LEADERSHIP - Be our guest at the OCA Winter Conference. Explore the trade show, attend educational and informational sessions, and network with peers. Bring your spouse/guest along and then end the day with a special dinner with OCA leaders at one of the many great restaurants at the Easton Town Center.

LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY & WORKING WITH THE OUPS - Learn the intricacies of the legislative process, the importance of the legislative work OCA does on your behalf, and gain experience advocating for the industry at the Statehouse. Lunch with the lobbyist and then back to OCA for a session on the OUPS.

HOW DO I BECOME A BETTER LEADER - We have been focusing on specific skills and construction-related topics in our profession. Now it is time to take a look at ourselves and learn how to develop and grow our personal leadership skills. A fun and interactive day with a leadership development specialist.

UNIONS AND WORKERS COMPENSATION - Today we will head out to visit Union leaders and learn more about their importance   to our industry and the work that OCA does to work with them building a stronger workforce. After lunch, back at OCA, we will wrap up the forum with an important session where we gain more understanding of the Workers Compensation system in the State of Ohio.