Ohio Contractors Assocation 

2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan

…a commitment to continued service and relevance…


Strategic Plan



The Ohio Contractors Association (“OCA”) is a statewide business and trade association dedicated to providing support, unity and leadership to the heavy highway and utility industry for the success of its membership. OCA is committed to continued service to its members and relevance to the industry it promotes. To meet this commitment, OCA maintains a strategic plan, a consensus-based document designed to guide the activities of the Board, committees and staff to achieve maximum effectiveness.


Faced with the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing economic, technological, and political environment in which it operates, OCA's staff and the Board agreed on the need to update the organization's existing strategic plan. The planning process began in April 2013, and continued into September. OCA's Executive Committee was identified as the group to guide the project with staff support provided by OCA President, Chris Runyan. Janis Purdy, President of Services to Nonprofit Organizations, provided consulting support for the project.


Broad-based participation by OCA's constituents was an important goal of the planning process. Members were surveyed to solicit their opinions and ideas. Separate day-long focus group meetings were held for the Future Leaders group and the OCA's Board members to engage in discussion. A staff retreat was used to solicit ideas to strengthen administration and program support. Participants reviewed past strategic plans, operating and research data, and results from the membership survey. A plan was drafted for the Executive Committee's review and revision. The plan was presented for consideration at a Board meeting in September.


As the staff and Board members reflected on past accomplishments and OCA’s strengths, they became aware of the responsibility for adapting current expectations and activities to meet the opportunities presented by changing technologies and member needs; thus our strategic plan's title, a commitment to continued service and relevance. Opportunities were identified for expanded programming, enhancing member services, and internal and external communications. Everyone involved recognized that the plan will not be realized without substantial effort and commitment.


Drawing on all of these ideas, this document provides the framework for the full Strategic Plan for 2013-2016. It will be used to develop the detailed and integrated action plans and annual budgets that will guide the efforts of the OCA Board, staff and committees for the next three years.



            I. Mission

            II. Goals, Objectives and Tactics

            III. Performance Measures

            IV. Budget

            V. Attachments

  1. Member Survey Results
  2. Planning Meetings Overview
  3. Planning Meetings Discussion - Summary of Tactical Ideas
  4. Summary - Strategic Plan 2009-2011


I. Mission - OCA's mission is to provide support, unity and leadership to the heavy, highway and utility industry for the success of its membership.  

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