In an our effort to provide resources related to the Coronavirus outbreak we have created a
page that links to newsletter articles, special bulletins, industry notices, etc. that we have 
been providing. As we have more information we will add it to this central location.

Important Links & Resources

•     Comprehensive AGC Information Page
•     Coronavirus and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Help for Employers: COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Resources
Mandatory Vaccination Programs

» ARTBA - Good Resource for COVID-19 Safety Information

Comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide

Battelle Announces the Critical Care Decontamination Program
» Ohio Emergency PPE Maker's Exchange

» Private Sector PPE Exchange
» Local Sources for PPE Supplies

» BWC Board Approves $1.6 Billion Dividend for Ohio Employers

» OCA, Carpenters & Operators Agree to a 1-Year Contract Extension

» Bulk Order of Hand_Sanitizer and Face Shields


» National COVID-19 Safety Stand-down
» OSHA Updates its COVID-19 Resources for Employers

» ODOT Issues Guidance on 6-foot Spacing Protections
» Taft Law - Families First Coronavirus Response Act Summary with DOL Regulations - Updated April 2, 2020


» U.S. Department of Labor Issues Guidance for Respiratory Protection During N95 Shortage Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

» Do I Make Fringe Benefit Contributions for Union Employees? Under FFCRA Paid Sick Leave or FMLA Leave?
» IRS Guidance on Employer Tax Credits Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
» ARTBA Provides Practical Information on OSHA Reporting
» Sample Plan for COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response
» DOL Issues New Regulations for FFCRA Compliance - OCA Offers Taft Law Webinar - 4/3/20

» Memo to The Industry & Future Project Proposal Note
» EEOC Guidance on the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and COVID-19
» AGC Webinar - Impact of Coronavirus on Union Contractors

» (CARES) Act: An Analysis for the Construction Industry
» New OCA Safety Talk on OSHA Updates for Coronavirus Preparation & Response!


OCA Presidents Address Regarding COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

» OCA Special Bulletin - (3/27/2020)

» Updated Families First Coronavirus Response Act
» Updated COVID-19 Recommended Practices for Construction Jobsites
» Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources
» DOL Issues More Guidance on Emergency Paid Leave Benefits

» ODOT Statement to Construction Industry Partners (3/25/2020)
» Link to Video Replay of March 24 OCA Webinar on Do's and Don'ts of Coronavirus Issues
» Proactive Measures for Addressing COVID-19

» US DOL Publishes New Federal Paid Leave Guidance for Families First Coronavirus Response Act
» U.S. DOL releases FFCRA Poster
» Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Grants Waiver for CDL Renewal

» ODOT Statement Regarding COVID-19 Response
» Requests to OSHA - Waive Reporting COVID-19 Cases & Ease Face Mask Requirements
» Legally Speaking - ODA Mandates Relaxed Insurance and COBRA Requirements

» Employer "Do's & Don'ts" Webinar Tuesday, March 24 at 1pm
» Sample Early Written Notice Template
» AGC Urgent Action Alert
» Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation - Private and Public Employers Insurance Premium Deferred

» OHIO811 Utility Call Center Update
» Legally Speaking - Construction Deemed "Essential Infrastructure"

» Governor Issues Stay-At-Home Order; Transportation Construction is Exempted

» Summary of Paid Leave Mandates under the Families First Coronavirus Act, H.R. 6201
» BMV Closing 181 locations throughout Ohio

» OSHA Policy on Recording Workplace Exposures to COVID-19
» OCA Special Bulletin - COVAD-19 Update & Resources

» Letter from OCA President, Chris Runyan & COVID-19 Updates

» COVID-19/Coronavirus - Potential Impacts to Construction Contracts (ODOT Letter)
» PUCO and Utility Disconnection Information
» How Long Should I Stay Home Isolated if I Have the Coronavirus Symptoms?

» ODOT's Bidding, Scheduling and Project Delivery to Continue Unchanged
» Safety Talk - How Can We Best Deal with the COVID-19 Coronavirus

» Coronavirus - Special OCA Bulletin - (3/6/2020)